Success Tips #1 Being Resourceful


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Have you ever thought of the difference between having resources and being resourceful?

Having resources is a state where you own some resources.

Being resourceful, you can gather the resources needed for achieving your goal.

Successful people learn to be resourceful, so they can obtain the resources required for ones pursuit.

Do you want to have resources or be resourceful?


Productivity Tips #3 Crafting the Road map to Your Goal


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Now you have identified your current status and the goal you would like to achieve, you know the gap between them.

Let’s do an exercise.

Before we begin, find a peaceful place where you can sit comfortably.

To begin, first take 10 deep breaths, slowly and rhythmically.

For example, count 6 counts as you inhale, then hold for 2 counts, and exhale for 6 counts.

Now you are more relaxed, think backward from the goal you want to achieve.

What is the step that you see right before achieving the goal?

Now, think one more step backward, what is the stepping stone?

Continue to think backward until you reach your current status.

Now you have a road map to achieving your goal!

Feel free to write or draw the steps, milestones together with your current status and goal on a piece of paper or your electronic notes.

Relax if you experience any resistance or uncertainty throughout the process, it is okay.

Trust your intuition. 🙂

Let me know if it works for you or you have any questions or feedback. 🙂

Good trip


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Recently, I went to a national park with my friends and their friends who I had not met before. We made a 6 hours road trip to the park, 12 hours hike to the breath-taking places and a total of 60 hours to our starting point.

I could not have imagined how tired I would be and how many inspirations came to me during the trip.

Meeting new people is really interesting and I find myself enjoy communicating with different people, knowing more about each individual and having a genuine connection with each person that I spent time with.

It was a good journey to know more about others and myself.

Second Life of a Pencil



What do you normally do when a pencil become too short to write with?

Throw it away? Use an extension cap?

With this new interesting pencil, you can press it gently into the soil with the tip-side up. With water, sunlight and love, you can witness fresh herbs growing from the pencil.

How it works

The concept of this product is to promote sustainability and I found it fun and refreshing. It reminds me of using papers and planting trees.

It may be a good idea to distribute one to the children in school, to plant sustainability in the youngster’s mind, just like putting seeds in the pencil.


Photos: Sprout

Happy Mother’s Day!


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Happy Mother’s Day!


It is such a blessing that I have a very loving mother who cares for me so much.

I am glad that I can spend time with her and be with her.

Some people may though of buying your mother a meal or doing things for your mother as a “duty”,

Have you considered seeing it as an opportunity for you to show your love to your mom?

I am blessed to be able to express my love and gratitude towards my mom, one of the most influential person in my life.


Hope you all have an amazing day with your lovely mother.




Excellence and Opportunities


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Excel in what you do, and opportunities will come to you.

In the midst of revision, this is a quote that motivated me to keep going, to be better in what I do.

Reflecting on the recent months, quite a number of opportunities have come to me.

It would not be possible if I did not have sufficient ‘prove’ that I deserve them.

Looking forward to the opportunities to be open, and growth.